Nissan D40 Navara 2.5 FMIC. Our Nissan D40 Navara intercooler kit is the most advanced intercooler kit available for this vehicle platform. Due to space constraints within the front of the D40, mainly the radiator sub crossmember, a lot of coolers we see negatively affect the cores flow rate by a reduction in stacked height or the cooler is placed forward of this bar. This has quite an effect on thermal transfer rates. What we percieved when we began development of this kit was to maintain excellent flow rates and efficient thermal transfer at low vehicle speeds as it is an off road vehicle. Any front mount designed for a off road vehicle should be placed as close as possible to the AC condenser to facilitate superior air flow at low vehicle speeds from the engines viscous fan. If not, the cooler is relying totally on vehicle speed to enable efficient thermal transfer from the intercooler. This simply is not realistic on a off road vehicle, especially one equipped with low range 4x4. We have engineered a system that steps the cooler out and around the crossmemeber allowing us massive flow rates to to the increased stacked height. The other massive plus here is incredible low speed thermal transfer rates as the cooler is spaced very close to the AC condensor giving unparalleled airflow at low vehicle speeds. Perfect for that low speed 4x4 work you have planned. There is no point upgrading your cooler if it still doesn't work when you want to enjoy the most from your 4x4. The kit comprises all silicone, clamps, hotside pipework and mounting system. If you have a D40 that you are passionate about then this kit is for you

Nissan D40 2.5 Stepped Front Mount Intercooler Kit

SKU: D40 2.5 SFMIC Kit
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