Mitsubishi NS-NW Pajero Fan Forced Front Mount Intercooler Kits $1795

The NS to NW Pajero is a fantastic vehicle and one of my personal favorites. Unfortunately the OEM intercooler has always been a massive let down with the Pajero. Prone to damage in its low mounted position the other big down fall is it receives minimal airflow. 

After a lot of development time we feel we have perfected the perfect intercooling solution for the Pajero. We have managed to squeeze a massive 606mm x 300mm x 76mm European tube n fine core to the front of the Pajero.  The core is foam sealed to the AC condenser to provide unparalleled air flow at low vehicle speeds from the engines viscous fan. Perfect for low range, low speed work. The AC fan is also upgraded to one of our high flowing Spal units. This kit has shown massive drops in intake temps over the OEM cooler for obvious reasons. Coupled with polished mandrel bent high flowing pipework this kit is the ultimate in intercooling technology for your Pajero. If you are serious about your Pajeros performance weather towing, touring or just play this kit is a must..... Jonny Tig Industries, Performance that transcends all boundries

Mitsubishi MQ Triton  Intercooler Kit $2200

The Mitsubishi MQ Triton is an amazing vehicle, however can suffer from excessive inlet charge temps from the OEM intercooler, especially when the vehicle has a bullbar and spotlights fitted. This inability to effectively lower charge temps results in poor performance and increased fuel consumption. We have overcome this problem with our innovative fan forced top mounted cooler system. The kit consists of the very latest Generation 3 lightweight European tube n fin core coupled with an underslung Spal fan. This provides unrivaled thermal transfer at low vehicle speeds such as off road 4x4 work. The other major benefit is the short inlet tract over the stock front mount. Customer feed back is turbo lag has been totally eliminated, with boost on straight away. The kit comes with all necessary hardware from scoop, bonnet seal, all pipework, silicones and clamps.

Give your MQ the performance and fuel economy it deserves with JTs comprehensive intercooler upgrade. If you are serious about your Tritons performance whether towing, touring or just some 4x4 fun this kit is an absolute must!

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