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Here at Jonny Tig we have a full range of performance upgrades for the 3.3 litre twin turbo Kia Stinger with plenty more on the way. We are leading the way with products to transform the performance of your Stinger to an exciting new level. If you have been watching our Facebook updates, our project Stinger has already pushed out to 326rwkw with a few minor JT bolt on's. Full ECU reflash will be available shortly and we firmly believe a 10second pass isn't far away for this heavy hitting Korean missile. The base power level of our project Stinger was 233rwkw with power now up to 326rwkw which is about the limit of the torque tables within the factory tune. The good thing about this power level is there has been no reflash and the car can be put back to standard without anyone knowing any different. All testing was carried out on the same Dyno to ensure accurate power figures for our mods. Lets have a look at some of the tested and proven products we have developed for this amazing platform.......

Kia Stinger 3.3 Cold air intake kit  $950

The cold air intake we build for the Kia Stinger has proven to be one of the most effective low cost improvements carried out. We start with running 2 massive K&N RE0870 filters with 3" piping down to the turbos. The air boxes are optioned with covers as well for those requiring this addition. The restrictive factory air ducts are removed and we channel cold air from directly behind the grille as can be seen in the pictures. This alone made a huge difference to throttle response and outright power with 11 rwkw or 15hp increase. 

The kit includes our polished Tig welded pipework, 2 K&N filters, silicone, clamps, air box's and duct-work that can be fitted optionally (we highly recommend doing so) To enable fitting of the ductwork the plastic factory radiator duct needs trimming in the two outer corners to enable the ducts to feed from directly behind grille.

Priced at $950 for the complete kit in powdercoated black. Polished is an additional $200.  We can organise shipping worldwide, especially for you guys in the US.....

If you are outside Australia please contact us for GST exempt pricing and freight costs.

Kia Stinger 3.3 Stage 1     800hp intercooler kit  $1895

Jonny Tig Kia Stinger stage 1 800hp intercooler package.

Our stage 1 intercooler package for the Kia Stinger is a must for those pushing their Stinger past the limits of the factory cooler. The OEM cooler is a very efficient unit however falls short with a very small stacked height, meaning air flow through the cooler is quite fast. This means increased intake temps as the charge air does not have enough time to cool down. Our upgrade addresses this issue with a much larger flow area meaning the ability to safely handle a much larger flow for increased power while maintaining excellent charge air temps. The cooler is the latest generation in light weight laser welded tube and fin technology from Europe. The core size is a massive 660mm x 300mm x 76 with a total thickness of 90mm.


During development we found several areas we felt required significant improvement. The first restriction is the factory merge pipe from the twin turbos. This is very restrictive and the charge air almost hits a brick wall before being joined into a single pipe to the cooler. We have engineered a significant flow advantage over the OEM merge with flow area almost being doubled. You can see quite clearly in the picture the difference here. The cold side pipe has also been upgraded to 3" mandrel bent pipework. The kit includes all necessary silicone, clamps, pipework and brackets to convert your Stingers inter-cooling system into a much more efficient unit capable of handling the power we can see developed by its 3.3 TT V6. 

As re-flash technology is almost here this cooler is a must for those wishing to push the limits of their Stinger.

Priced at $1895 for the full kit. Over seas customers please contact us for GST exempt pricing and freight costs

Kia Stinger 3.3 Single 4" SS exhaust system

After more than 12 months of R&D with the twin system we finally gave up and designed the first single system for the Kia Stinger. We just were not happy with the note of the twin system, it sounded well just not very fitting. The note of the single system totally changes the Stingers note sounding rather more like an inline turbo 6. I still get so many people asking whats under the bonnet as it doesn't sound like a Stinger! We begin with custom 3" downpipes with 100cell cats before merging into a single 4" system with 3 Mufflers to keep the drone to a minimum. On the dyno this system netted us over 30rwkw from our down pipe back twin system. Power is now at 326rwkw. The exhaust is all built from 304 Stainless steel and fully TIG welded in house using the best possible components including V Band joins, no flanges here.


Priced at $2800 for the complete kit, give your Stinger the note and performance it deserves!!!

Kia Stinger 3.3 JT 512 kit

If you want the most from your Stinger without having an intrusive ECU reflash then JT are proud to offer our 512hp kit. The kit consists of some of our super popular Stinger upgrades to raise the power of your Stinger by 90 odd rwkw.

Our 512 kit includes

* JT CAI kit

* JT stage 1 cooler kit

* JT 4" exhaust kit

* Lap 3 Uncle chip

* Set of regapped HKS spark plugs

* JT512 decals

Cost of the JT 512 kit is $6990 and is the most effective way of transforming your Stinger with everything being able to be returned to stock. 

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