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Turbo manifolds for Barra.......Mustang coming soon

At Jonny Tig Industries we have been specializing in Ford performance products for some time, this has gained us a lot of interest and respect on and off the track. Weather you are chasing some extra power for the street or that winning edge for the track we have the technology to help your achieve your goals.

Ford B series and FG battery relocation kit and turbo side intake      $660

The JT Ford Barra turbo side intake and battery relocation kit is available to suit both FG and B series models. Utilizing a massive K&N RE0870 4" inlet filter with 4" inlet pipe the intake can be configured to suit OEM 3" inlet turbos or 4" GTX style. With black powder coated CNC laser cut panels the kit looks quite at home in the Fords engine bay. The battery tray is also manufactured from CNC laser cut mild steel sheet and powder coated black for long lasting factory finish. This mod alone gives enormous gains in throttle response and is audibly one of my favorite mods for the Barra turbo. The kit comes with all fasteners, battery cables, BOV pipe, breather hose, etc and is one of the easiest mods to perform to your Barra turbo. Always in stock and ready to ship. Cost is $660 for the complete kit.

Ford Barra high mount turbo manifolds $1390

Jonny Tig high mount Barra turbo manifolds are all built in house to our impeccable standards and can be configured to suit most upgraded turbo chargers from GTX35,42,45 to BW S480. Available in T3, T4, T6. Our manifolds are the culmination of years of development in Motorsport and are fabricated from 40nb piping to allow enough flow for the big Barra. Alot of people know us just for our coolers but Jon has been designing and building turbo manifolds for over 25 years. All manifolds are fully Tig welded using state of the art machines by fully qualified tradesmen. Manifolds can also be optioned with ceramic coat. Priced at $1300 for the base manifold plus ceramic and waste gate options.

Ford Barra FG and B series 2300hp intercooler kit $2300
B series 2300hp with batt relo and intake kit
FG series 2300hp black piping kit

Our JT coolers have gone through several stages of improvement over the last 4 years. Our famous 1800hp kit has seen power levels of over 970rwkw, we have now stepped it up with an all new core the 2300hp worth of flow. The higher levels of internal surface area mean further drops to charge air temps over our 1800hp cooler. The new 2300hp core has a substantial increased flow area and is 1.5KG lighter than our 1800hp core meaning lightening fast thermal exchange rates.

The core is imported European lightweight tube and fin design and is the most efficient unit we have come across in our 25+ years of cooler design and manufacture. Coupled with our proven lightweight 3mm CNC folded sheet tanks, this cooler system is the ultimate for hard tuned street Barra's or full race engines. Weather you are chasing 300rwkw or over 1000rwkw this cooler kit is the best solution for your power needs. Why fit a smaller cooler that will struggle with heat soak on those hot days when you want your engine to perform without pulling timing.


The kit comes with 3" mandrel bent pipework, all silicone, clamps and mounts. It can also be offered with black powder coated pipework for $70 more. Priced at $2300 for the polished kit and $2370 in stealth black 

Ford B series and FG catch can / oil air separator kit $280

The JT Barra oil/air separator is the perfect addition to prevent the build up of oil within the pipework and cooler flow tubes. This build up of oil has a profound effect on thermal transfer rates by insulating the internal surface area of the cooler. The use of the separator greatly reduces the build up of this oil sludge keeping your cooler investment clean and performing in top condition. The can features a unique series of internal baffles to effecitvely separate the oil mist in spent crankcase gasses. As it is a oil air separator it is fully ADR compliant unlike a vented catch can. We can also offer a vented can with a filter on-top for off road use. Priced at $280 for the oil air separator and $300 for the catch can kit with filter. 


The Ford Ranger 3.2 is an amazing vehicle and we have made it even better with our FMIC upgrade. Using the latest generation 3 lightweight European tube n fin core, this cooler drastically lowers intake charge temps, increasing performance. Coupled with our sheet 3mm CNC folded tanks, mandrel bent alloy pipework, this cooler is an absolute must for any Ranger owener seriouys about the performance and reliabilty of their vehicle. 

All harware is included in the kit to give your Ranger the best intercooling solution available

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